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#1 10-08-2007 16:51:16


Tips and Hints for Exhibitors

How many times have you been to a Flower Show and said to yourself,  “I’ve got as good (or better) growing in my garden!”  Have you ever considered showing, but felt slightly intimidated by the exhibits on show? Does the name Horticultural Society frighten you?
Fear not, look no further – we have a 10 point plan for you to blow away the mystique!

Read the Schedule – carefully!! Know what is being asked for in the relevant classes which interest you.

Note dates & times  – for receipt of entries, staging exhibits, times of judging, Show opening & closing for uplifting exhibits.

Consider your entries  – complete the entry form with care.

Avoid making too many entries  – (tell me about it!) Enter items you are reasonably sure you can stage well; trying too much can be stressful.

Prizes are not everything  – there is more honour in exhibiting well in a strongly contested class without winning a prize than getting a ticket where there is little or no competition. There is however also good educational value of a high standard exhibit in a poorly contested class. (It’s not your fault if there are few entries)

Encourage others  – you might know someone who is a successful grower of flowers or vegetables, an excellent baker or photographer or have children who could enjoy the involvement. Persuade them to ‘have a go’.

Allow ample time for staging  – avoid a last minute rush, when mistakes can be made. Show Stewards are always available to help you, just ask.

Pay attention to detail  – label entries if possible, make sure entry cards are in position correctly at your exhibits and are the right class. Note numbers of specimens required and pay attention to uniformity in exhibits.

Be a sporting exhibitor  – the judges decision, whatever it may be, should be accepted with good grace. Seek out answers to why your exhibit didn’t win, calmly & patiently. The Show convener will always help you here. Do this & you will achieve better results another time.

Enjoy  – take pride and pleasure in your exhibits and in the word of our neighbouring Mearns Society : Show what you grow, share what you know!  I wish we had thought of that slogan!

Come on & have a go – we know you’re good enough.

Fergus Cumming - Show Convenor



#2 24-08-2007 00:25:41

Old Lob

Re: Tips and Hints for Exhibitors

Some good ideas here and I shall certainly be putting them to use a week on Saturday!

Digging for Victory



#3 16-06-2012 08:49:31


Re: Tips and Hints for Exhibitors

Will it be £4 membership plus cost per item staged? I would enter if the £4 was waved I have been known to stage up to 40  items at shows. I do not wish to join the society, however I do enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk to other growers on staging night.




#4 18-06-2012 15:12:05


Re: Tips and Hints for Exhibitors

I'm afraid it is £4 membership plus 20p an item. I enter over 50 exhibits, but if you work out the possible returns with potential prize money, you can recoup your initial expenditure. I feel for the exhibitor who only enters a few items, but still has to become a member. Club rules for the moment, but we are always discussing ways to encourage new exhibitors.



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