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The Presidents Welcome - Our gardens are brimming with plants that were originally collected from all over the world. Wonderful red-hot pokers, agapanthus and gladioli from the South Africa. Hydrangeas and rhododendrons from China that do so well in the west of Scotland. Showy echinaceas and border phloxes from North American and fabulous alstroemerias and fuchsias from South America. Australia gave us eucalyptus so beloved of flower arrangers when kept in check. Even the humble snowdrop was believed to have been introduced to Britain by the the Romans. To all the plant hunters who transformed our gardens I raise a glass and say ‽Cheers! Gesundheit! Gan bei! Salud! Santé! Salute! Slainte!” So, what's all this I hear you cry, to do with a local gardening society? And that is just my point: at the Busby and Clarkston Horticultural Society you never know what you are going to see or discover next. You may want to join in the fun and comradeship by competing in our Annual Show. You may want to experience seeing some of the best speakers on the horticultural circuit talking on their chosen subject. You may simply want to come along to enjoy a good blether with fellow members during the tea-break. Perhaps someone can help you out with a garden related problem or even better, you may be able to help them out. Whatever your reason for joining in I can guarantee you that you will meet and discover some of the nicest and friendliest folk in the district. The Busby and Clarkston Horticultural Society is now 71 years young and we hope that you'll enjoy some of the changes we've made to the Annual Show. To start with proceeds from this year's show will go to a very worthy charity dedicated to changing the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK: BBC Children in Need. No BBC Children in Need would be complete without a visit from Pudsey, so bring the children or the grandchildren to meet this iconic bear in person. Take a look around and have a think: ‽What could I enter next year?” Then have a go, that's how we all started out!

John Kimble

While you're at the show we hope you enjoy the addition of the Market Street. This is where local groups and businesses get the opportunity to let you see, sample or even purchase their latest wares. There is lots going on and there's something for everyone to enjoy. In conclusion I would urge you to get involved. You will never know what you are going to discover. - John Kimble President